WARTEX ®

       For the steel industry and later for other aerospace customers, railway, etc. ... we have developed and registered the WARTEX ®

      Originally, the WARTEX ® was a laminate-based cotton fabric impregnated with phenolic resin.

      Subsequently, and according to the requirements of our customers, we have developed specific areas by the addition of glass cloth (WARGLASS), molybdenum disulfide and graphite (MOG).

      The quality of our WARTEX ® and its derivatives, have enabled us to qualify in the largest suppliers of original equipment rolling.





    WARTEX MOG AND WARGLASS MOG wipers have an excellent seal and exceptional heat resistance and are remarkably wear-resistant. These qualities can only be obtained by expertise throughout the manufacturing process.

    The wipers are laminated by high-pressure hot pressing. Various anti-wear additives are directly incorporated in the mass beforehand. The wipers then undergo accurate machining, giving them a the degree of finish required by the customers.
    WARTEX C6 MOG ( MOS2) wipers are the most widely used and are excellent value for money.

    WARGLASS G3 MOG wipers are designed for extreme conditions.

    Bearings & collars

    ATIMA-TPIM has for almost 50 years supplied European and North American rolling mills with block bearings and thrust collars in WARTEX (laminate based on phenolic resin-impregnated cotton cloth).

    The exceptionally long life of the materials used and the quality of the machining are an obvious plus for productivity and a net saving in maintenance costs.

    Moreover, by incorporating various additives such as graphite and molybdenum in the manufacturing process, the physical characteristics can be adapted to a large range of applications.






    Shank blocks

    Shank blocks for rigid couplings and gear spindles.
    In Polyamide = PA6, and in Polyamide + oil = PA6 + oil.